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What kind of tree should we plant?
Go to your nearby county extension office and ask for a document on the best trees to plant in your area.


Leavenworth County
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Johnson County
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Where is the best place to plant trees?
Each tree is different.  Make sure you are not near any power lines, gas lines, water pipes, cables and stay at least 20 feet from the house.

Can I transplant a tree?
Transplanting an old tree is a difficult task and even with the right equipment can be risky.  It is much better to start over with a smaller tree.


How can I treat wounds to my tree?
Most wounds are best left to nature with a little help from a professional

What is the best time to trim trees?
trees can be trimmed at different time of the year as long as you know the proper way to do the job

What should I do about suckers in my tree?
They need to be trimmed.

Should I mulch my trees?
Mulch, applied properly, around your tree is a good thing, but far too many people put mulch down improperly.  You should create a bowl-like area away from the trunk of the tree, this allows water to your tree but does not damage the trunk its self.

How to do I feed my tree?
Feed below the ground.

My tree is getting near the electrical wires – what should I do?
We can prune your tree to keep it off the house and away from the wires.  The best plan is not  to plant a tree near house or wires.


What do exposed roots mean?
Exposed roots indicate that roots are reaching for water, so watering deeper is a good place to start to see if that solves the problem.

Or it could be from erosion which could be caused from rain or watering.  Water from a downspout could be washing over the roots. Then the feeder roots come up and show on top of the ground.

After they get to the top it is almost impossible to cover up as they keep growing.

It is OK for tree roots to be on top of the ground?
All roots should be covered up.

Can trees be hurt if some roots get cut?
Yes, roots are the anchor to your tree.


Should I have my tree topped?
Is the worst thing you could do to your tree. It only makes the tree have more problems.  If a tree needs to be topped, it is in the wrong place and should be taken out.

When do you prune a tree?
A tree should get regular prunings from the time it is put in the ground.  We trim trees to improve their health. If trimmed properly, it improves the overall health of the tree, the roots will be fed well and tree will survive better.

Can I let vines grow in my trees?
This is not a good idea.  It will smother the tree.


What should I do if my tree is leaning?
A leaning tree can be caused by other trees being too close or perhaps it has been planted improperly.

What makes a tree fall over?
The root system is the most likely  problem, but it could also be caused by mulch being too close to trunk.

What should I do if my tree is split?
A split tree can often be saved by being pinned and cabled.

My tree is growing incorrectly.  What should I do?
Something is creating a problem.  We can bring it back into proportion with corrective pruning.

What constitutes a tree hazard?
If a tree is hit by lightening, if a tree has broken limbs hanging, if a tree splits in one of it’s crotches  – these are just a few things that could cause a serious problem.

How do I know if my tree is sick?
Watch as the tree leafs out in the spring and notice if the leaves  are smaller than usual, is the color not as dark green as in years past.  It also could be an overabundance of deadwood. If it looks different – you should call us.

What can I do with hold left by where a tree was removed?
You should not plant anything in the same hole or within 4 feet.  All the nutrients are gone from the Ground in that area where the  tree was planted originally.  As the roots decompose you’ll have a sink hole.  You can plant flowers in the stump cavity or have it removed so that mowing is much easier.


When should I call you?
Most of the calls come when the damage has already been done.  You should have your trees checked by a professional every couple years.  This could save your tree.

Myracle Tree Service is owned by a Certified Arborist?  What is a Certified Arborist?
A certified arborist is a person who has been trained in the proper way to take care of trees, many different states and groups have yearly training sessions that you can attend.

Why should I hire an Arborist?
Because it is  one of the most dangerous job in the world.  Because you want best-qualified person to do your tree work. One who knows trees.

What else should I look for when hiring someone to work on my trees?
•       Make sure that anyone your hire has workman’s compensation insurance and libability insurance that cover the property owner.Most cities  have a record of companies that are licenced in that town
•       Length of time in business – We have been helping trees since 1966
•       Check references
•       Check to see if they have city licence

How do you save trees?
Trees are like human  we all need a check up from time to time

Who cleans up after you take a tree down?
We often leave customer’s yard cleaner than they were when we got there.  People really appreciate your clean up service.

Do you  do  ongoing maintenance?
Yes – we check your trees every 4-5 years and discuss any situation that needs to be worked on.

Do you do commercial work?
Yes, commercial, federal ,state, county, city , individuals ,rental agencies, and businesses owners.

Do you do emergency work?
We do all forms of emergency work within a 25-mile radius of city of Leavenworth, especially after wind and ice storms.  We are known for our quick response.