(913) 682-0079 emyracle@kc.rr.com

Outstanding job

Again, thank you for a job well done! I appreciate your polite and friendly business manner. The crew was thoughtful, polite and did an outstanding clean up job.

Job well done

Thank you for a job well done. Everyone complimented you on leaving the area cleaner than before.

Fine job

Thank you for getting the tree and stump removed so quickly. Your folks did a fine job.

I was relieved

I was very relieved when I went outside the morning after our surprise hail storm. That could have cause a break if the tree had not already been trimmed.

Awesome work

Thank you for the work and your thoughtfulness in the job you completed at our country property. Scott is trilled. He said it was “awesome”.

You changed our lives

We will never forget that afternoon we spent together. That day literally changed the course of our lives. Tom intends to pursue a certification as an arborist, as well as some form of landscaping. Your love for the beauty of natural trees captivated us all afternoon...

Thanks for cleaning up debris

Thank you very much for such a good job – we very much appreciated the neat job you did – not tearing up the area around the tree and taking it down so close to the ground and also hauling away the debris.

Thanks for your quick response

Thanks so much for trimming the dead branches out our willow – and for getting to it so quickly! When I saw all the tree limbs and branches after the big storm, I knew it was good we had called you. Thanks again.

You Performed a Miracle

Several years ago you performed a “miracle” on our oak trees and we were the talk of the town. Now, we need you again –quite desperately. One large oak, near the house, is half dead and we do not know what to do. Other trees are in need of attention.